Grace Youth

Middle School and High School Students meet to experience God's love by growing in their faith, building relationships with their community, and living for a greater purpose.
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When Do We Meet?

Youth Group meets every other Sunday (before church at 9:00 AM) for an hour. We have breakfast together and go over a lesson. In the case of special events, we will contact you and share the information.

*Subject to change, but we will contact you if canceled or rescheduled.


What We Value

  • Encouraging openness, and acceptance to allow the Holy Spirit to shape our continued growth
  • Challenging each other to live fearlessly with trust in God
  • Having the strength to step out of the mold and into who we’re created to be
  • Living for a greater purpose to serve and make the world a better place
  • Be diligent to chase after the uncatchable God, and open our eyes to see His constant presence
  • Be active in our communities to show and receive God’s Grace and Love