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I can honestly say that I have no idea why God has chosen to invest in me and allow me to share the most amazing adventure with Him. He has Blessed me with an Amazing wife and a super amazing family. He continually picks me up when I fall, brushes me off and fills me with wonderous “Pep” talks through his Word and his Holy Spirit.

I became a Christian some 33 years ago. I was at the lowest point of my life… I literally was going to lose everything that I believed was important to me. Instead of Losing It, I gave it away… I surrendered everything, along with my life, To Jesus. Ever since that day, the adventure continues. He has restored so many things in my life that I couldn’t list them. What an Amazing SAVIOR.

Sue and I came to Grace Church before it was “Grace”. We had been looking for a church that God could use us in, preferably somewhere small and intimate. Ironically, it was our children that started to attend here but back then it was called Brooklyn Alliance. When we came here it seemed to be a church that was barely hanging on… I even asked the Lord about his decision to bring us there and he assured me to not look at this church the way it is now because he was blowing a new wind of his Spirit. Within a year of us joining, Brooklyn Alliance closed, and Grace Church emerged. We have stayed ever since.

I am thrilled to be serving a church family that seeks God’s intervention for each day. Sue and I see the hunger that the leadership has for God’s intervention… to make this His Lighthouse to serve the community. We feel an amazing closeness of His Spirit ushering in our next Great Adventure. Honestly… we wouldn’t miss it for the world!