Kids Church

We’re dedicated to supporting parents as they lead their children to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We use age-specific lessons, activities, and games to build a relationship with children ages birth-6th grade. Each week they'll experience God's love through play, scripture, relationships and fun!
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O U R   M I S S I O N   &   V I S I O N

Experience God’s love through play, scripture, and fun!

Parents, we want you to know that kids’ church is a safe place where your kids will have fun, make new friends, and learn about God. We want them to understand God’s Word and live it out daily. We start by getting them familiar with scripture and prayer. Then, build their faith and encourage them to reach out to their friends and spread the gospel. Kids will participate in music, stories, games, and events. We look forward to meeting you and your family! 

Pre-School Class

Ages 4 and under will experience God’s love through play, storytelling, and fun! We use a curriculum focused on their age range and weekly lessons may involve stories or music. 

Kid's Church

Kid’s church class ranges from ages 5-12. We use a curriculum that focuses on a wide range of age groups that meets the needs of each child no matter the age.

Weekly lessons involve active challenges, storytelling, and play all molded into learning experiences with carefully crafted questions to help kids tie scriptural truth into their own lives.

F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kid’s classes does Grace Church offer?

We offer a Pre-School Class (ages 4 & under) and Kid’s Church (ages 5-12).

How often does Kid’s Church meet?

We meet every Sunday!

What does a normal Sunday look like for a kid?

Parents and children will be greeted by a joyful kid’s praise team member and check-in at the Kid’s Church table. Your family will then take your seats in the sanctuary and worship together. Our pastor will then dismiss the Kid’s down to their class. Downstairs, they will participate in games, skits, and activities. Once church is over, the parents will do down to the classroom to pick up their kids. Praise team members will say goodbye and we will see you the following week!

How long is a Kid’s Church Service?

Grace Church’s service starts at 10:00 AM. Kid’s are typically dismissed after worship (around 10:30 AM). Your kids are in their classes for about 60 mins or until the main service ends.

What happens if my kids need me during class?

If your kids need your during class, we’ll bring them upstairs to find you. They are welcome to stay with you or return to class when they are ready.


Are there any Kid’s Church Events?

When there are upcoming events we will let you know!