Policies & Information

Facility Use Request


Are you hosting an event or having an intimate wedding? Request to use our facilities by filling out the facility request form. Please note that requesting a wedding will have a different form, process, and guidelines. Fill out Request Form and mark ‘wedding’ to be contacted with more details. Before completing form, read responsibilities and guidelines down below.

Cafe Rental

Gym Rental 


Facility Use Pricing


Sanctuary ($62.50/hr)

Café Main Area and Kitchen ($50.00/hr)

Gym ($25.00/hr) *if renting gym to play basketball, please book in 24-hour notice.

If booking for a wedding please contact here, 3 months in advance, for both sanctuary and cafe use.


Fees are based on facility usage per hour. Special requests may result in additional fees. In the event of cancellation, deposit refunds are at the discretion of Grace Church. Different pricing for wedding package (submit form for more details).

A %20 deposit will be due upon request approval. The final balance is due one week prior to event.


Grace Church Facility Policy


It is Grace Church’s goal to allow those who attend to have an opportunity to use the church building for personal use based on defined rental fees for members and non-members and to provide guidelines for the use of Grace Church’s facilities and equipment.

General Guidelines

1. The following regulations and fees shall apply to all referenced groups unless specifically waived by the Elder Board Church Administrator or his/her designee.

2. The regularly scheduled ministries of the church have priority over all other uses of the facility and will be covered
by regular custodial responsibilities

3. It is the responsibility of the leaders of the various church groups and other groups or individuals requesting the use
of the facility to complete the Building Use Request Form as a means of scheduling the facility for the requested

4. The Building Use Request form is to be submitted to the church office as far in advance of the date requested as
possible to confirm the reservation. The event date
IS not reserved until the form has been submitted to
approved by the church office

5. All requests for facility use must be approved at least seven (7) days prior to requested date.

6. There must be a member or regular attendee in the group to be responsible for proper care and use of Facilities
and equipment.


8. It is the responsibility of ALL groups using the facility to return the facility to the standard setup after use. This
means putting chairs/tables back into position, cleanup an extra ordinary spills, insure all doors windows are
closed and locked when leaving and all lights turned off.

9. The church sound system, video systems and musical instruments may be operated only by authorized church

10. The group using the facility shall be responsible for reporting and paying for any damage.

11. Any incorporated group or public school function shall be asked to provide a certificate of insurance (a copy of
declaration page), indicating their liability coverage in case of accident.

12. For youth activities (under 18 years of age), the requestor shall provide sufficient adult supervision to maintain

13. Acceptance of a Grace Church Facility Use Request Form will be at the discretion of the Administrative staff and/or
the Elder Board. Grace Church reserves the right to grant or deny usage of its building to any organization, group or
individual whether member or non-member, dependent on usage intent, failure to practice and adhere to the Grace
Church Statement of Faith, beliefs and practices or if there are conflicts with normally scheduled ministries or other
events previously scheduled.

Responsibilities after Building Use

Please note that it is the responsibility of the group or individual using the facility to set up, clean up and return the
facility to normal setup after the approved event or activity.

1. Collect all garbage into bags and bring it out to the dumpster located in the parking lot

2. Wipe off tables. If food or drink is involved, wipe all tables clean using a mild soap and water solution. If stained
occur please notify the office so correct cleaning solutions can be used to remove stains

3. Return all tables, chairs, easels, and other equipment to their proper places after your event. Return all rooms
used to their normal set up.

4. If using the kitchen, please wash and dry all dishes used and return them to the correct cupboard. Take all extra
food and beverage with you unless specific plans for usage have been made. Wipe counters and leave kitchen
clean and ready for the next use.

5. Sweep floors and mop as needed. Report any damage to equipment or property promptly to the office.

6. Remove any items put up on the walls or set out in connection with your event.

7. If the building is not in use when finished, please check that all doors are locked, windows are closed, and lights
are off. Then lock up.

*Washcloths, towels, a broom, a dustpan, etc. are located in the boiler room next to the kitchen. Please return these
to the kitchen when you are done using them. Used towels and washcloths can be left in the kitchen. They will be
picked up and washed regularly.

Kitchen Etiquette

1. Check with the church office for availability of date desired.

2. You will need to bring your own paper plates, cups, napkins etc., if you are not hosting a Grace Church function.

3. There could be more than one activity that uses the kitchen in the same day. Therefore, we request that you
check with the church office before you bring your supplies to the kitchen.

4. Please return items to designated cupboards. Cupboards are labeled for your convenience.

5. Please take home all food and beverage items. We have limited space to store these in our one refrigerator.

Clean-up: Please do all dishes, put them away, wipe counter tops and stove(s), clean sink and sweep floor if needed
Leave used dish cloths and towels in the sink. They will be picked up and laundered. Trash: Trash should be put in
garbage cans and tied. Janitor will dispose of bags. Also, please put recyclables in correct container. Thank you for
your co-operation!