Rebecca Lopez

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I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Spending most of my life in Old Brooklyn. I’ve been attending Grace Church Old Brooklyn since 2005. It’s my home church and is where I grew up. I’ve met people here that will be my lifelong friends, who are my mentors, and are just good people to be around. Grace Church Old Brooklyn has taught me to love people well because of how they love their community of people around them.

Fast forward, I’m all grown up and started working here in 2021. I am an administrative assistant and it’s been great way to connect with the congregation members in a different way. Attending Grace Church has been an  important part of my life for growing in my Christian journey. I’ve learned and grown a lot here. I’m so thankful for this God-given opportunity and the people who play vital roles in my life.

Just a few more things about me: I’m currently in college pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication: Social Media Management. I enjoy boxing, cooking, reading, and hanging out with my friends and family.