Larry McNamee

Director of Adult Christian Education
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I was born and raised in Cleveland, and after living a life in the Rock and Roll business and doing more than my share of drugs, God got a hold of me and I came to faith in Jesus Christ, in 1973. God instantly turned my life around! This was during the “Jesus Movement” and things then were rather unconventional. Long hair, blue Jeans, tie dye T-shirts, church in houses, etc. A few years later, I sensed God calling me to be a teacher. Was I surprised! At first, I rejected the idea, but later I was invited to a three year study with a group of men training to go into ministry. I guess this was the closest thing to seminary that the Jesus Movement had to offer!  

It was around this time Dawn moved to Cleveland from Minnesota for a one year “missions trip” to work at our Jesus House, specifically, with her artistic skills, to help us publish the Ohio version of the Hollywood Free Paper. The paper was used for telling people about Jesus on the streets, beaches, and wherever people gathered.

We fell in love and married in October of ’76. God has blessed us with four children (married adults now) and fifteen grandchildren!

Over the years, God has used us in various ministry situations from starting and pastoring a house church, to music ministries, to teaching Sunday School classes, as well as assistant pastoring, elder, and other positions in the church body.

We sensed God leading us to Grace church and have been here since the summer of 2018.  We have been involved together on a worship team since 2021. Dawn is involved with the ladies Bible study and ministry. I direct, and, with Pastor Tom’s help, chart the course for our Adult Education ministry, which mostly happens on Sunday mornings.

We are blessed to be a part of the Grace Church congregation and know that we are members of the family here.

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